How to choose bowfishing lights

Are you new to bowfishing or would you want to enhance your experience for a better catch? The secret to bowfishing is to apply the essential tools needed. You may not need much while fishing during the day but at night or during the early morning hours when it’s still dark, you’ll need more than just your bow. Bowfishing lights do come in handy during instances like these. We know that fish are generally attracted to light, it makes bowfishing simple right? While bowfishing lights are necessary, you need to choose the right ones that will get you a good catch.

LED lights for bowfishing

bowfishing lights on a boatWhen fishing you never know if you may get stuck in the water till late hours. This only means that you’ll need a handy LED light. For them to last longer, LED lights are often waterproof and come with a LED driver that can carry low voltages of up to 30 volts. Before buying a bowfishing LED light, here are some top factors to consider:

LED type

In the market, you will come across various manufacturers with different LED types for bowfishing. One of the best is the COB LED. This bowfishing light is made up of small 1 watt LED lights which are installed and combined using a driver to give a 50 watt LED output. With this much wattage, bowfishing in the dark becomes less of a strain.

Waterproof LED

While bowfishing, its common sense that you’ll need your LED light with you at every point. The more need for you to mount it on your boat. A waterproof LED is one that lets in little or no water in case of water splashes during fishing. Waterproofness also secures your bowfishing light for its longevity.

LED Driver

installation of bowfishing lightsOne may argue over the importance of an LED driver in a bowfishing expedition. Truth is, LED drivers do come in handy and are suited for their power-saving capacity. LED drivers for bowfishing lights are often installed at the back of the unit, and they send low voltage (DC) to power it. Using a poor quality driver will require that you use more energy for your bowfishing lights and if the driver alone needs so much amperage then may need a generator to power the bowfishing lights.

The color of light

There are two common colors for LED bowfishing lights; these colors are warm white and cool/cold white. Each of these colors is effective in use with different waters. Due to their deep penetration into the water, cool/cold white lights are effective for use in clear to semi-clear waters. As for the white lights, these are reserved for cutting through the water. Warm white lights which often give off a yellow or amber color are helpful in waters with debris since they tend not to reflect ambient lights.…

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Why You Should Repair Your Cell phone

When your cell phone develops some problems do you throw it away a by a new a new one, or you repair it? Well, most people find it difficult to make a decision as far as this issue is concerned. The fact that the phones have become one of the important parts of our lives makes it difficult for one to stay without it even in some minutes. One thing that you need to understand is that they are prone to minor damages. Most people normally throw their cell phones away and go for new ones once they realize that they have been developed some problems. That is something that you should never do. Here are some of the reasons why you need to repair your cell phone instead of going for a new one.

Cost effective

fixingSometimes, your cell phone may not normally work because of a minor problem that can be repaired in a few second and at a very low price. Throwing such a cell phone just to for a new can be described as unwise. First, that will be wastage of resources. Before you decide that you are going to buy a new phone, you need to check with phone Repair Company to see if buying a new phone is the better option. With the current economic situation, buying a new cell phone your current one is not totally wrecked is not a wise thing to do.

Data loss

Buying a new phone simply means that you have to forget about some of your data that was on the old cell phone. That can cause a lot of inconveniences to you. First, it might need a lot of time and resources to have all the data restored and installed to the new device. However, if you choose to go for the cell phone repair services, you will do away with the possibility of you losing your data. It will ensure that you will retain all your data and in the process save you the time and resources that you would have used in restoring the data.

Protecting the environment

repair phone

It is good that we come conscious of our environment. Anything that we do should never interfere with the environment. Throwing you old phone anyhow is deliberately destroying the environment. Some of the materials used to make cell phones are not good for the environment. This is because some are non-degradable while others emit deadly emissions to the environment. Having your phone repaired is actually one of the best ways of protecting the environment.…

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