Many people both teenagers and adults love some RC flying especially with today’s popularity of drones. We have all seen drones at some point in our life. They are popular at parks and almost anyplace where there is a bit of space. Are you also thinking of buying a drone to experience a little bit of aerial adventure? Continue reading and you will learn which drone you should start with and what models are available.

Selecting the right drone

If you are a beginner, you may want to start with one that is basic, and dronethere are many cheap drones that are available on the market for this. The last thing you want is to lose an expensive one if it gets stuck on a tree or loses battery and crashes. Some great start-up models include the UDI U818A, and you will not feel too sad if it ends up in a tree somewhere.

Once you have mastered the techniques of handling one of these fling wonders, you can then consider buying one that is powerful and more expensive.


Nowadays, drone technology has grown immensely, and there are many that come packed with various features, and they are more powerful and will give you more flight time too. Here are some features to look for when you are ready to purchase your drone.

The battery life

Since these units are meant for fun and recreation, the battery life must be adequate for a decent play time. There are models that come with batteries that will give you anything from 7 to 28 minutes of flying time. Many will also have the facility to switch batteries rather quickly, and this will allow you to stay outdoors longer as long as you have additional battery packs.


Most people use drones to take aerial photographs and videos. The latest units will come complete with HD and 4K camera capabilities; They will also have the feature of transmitting the view to your smartphone or remote control unit so you can see a live view of the flight.


Anyone will need some time to get used to maneuvering a quadcopter and speed will be the next step. There are many models that are now being built for racing. They can reach rather high speeds and require great skill in piloting. Models like the TBS Vendetta racing drone are great for racing, but you will want to have quite a bit of experience before you start using them.


Drones can now reach ranges of up to 3 km’s, and they can easily get lost. However, many new advanced models include GPS tracking, and this will allow the drone to come back to you in case you lose it.…