Useful Tips On Using Figma Design Tool

If you have worked with online collaboration tools such as Zoho or Google Docs, then you know how convenient it is to edit, save files, and collaborate on the web. Fortunately, designers have now the same tool to help them carry out their projects. There is only one tool, and it is known as Figma. In this review, you will learn some important tips and features that make this platform the best choice for designers.

What is Figma?

social appsFigma is a web-based design tool that works for Mac OS, Windows, and Linux. The platform allows for the collaboration of designers using a wide range of resources to create CSS, iOS, Android code, and SVG code. Thus, users have the freedom to create designs, make prototypes, and even gather feedback.

Why Use Figma

Before getting into the features of Figma, there is a need to look at what makes the platform so popular among designers.

It is Web-Based

You can run Figma on your browser. This means that you can work on the projects without the need for saving them in separate files to the computer. You can have all the edits automatically saved to the cloud. However, you must have an internet connection for the changes to be saved.

Allows Teamwork

You can have a team of two or unlimited editors depending on your membership type. It allows you to see the number of team members who are working on your project and the changes they have made.

Free for Solo Designers

You can enjoy all features free without trial periods if you are a solo designer.

Figma Pricing Plans


This is a good plan if you are a solo designer or you want to get a feel of how the platform works. The basic functionality for this plan includes code attributes, prototyping, commenting, and unlimited storage space.


You can switch to this particular plan if your projects need sharing and editing. With the plan, you can enjoy an unlimited number of editors, free viewers, and projects. In addition, you can create private systems and projects with shared UI components.


When you upgrade to this particular plan, you can enjoy a lot of features. For instance, you can have a team of unlimited members, link access controls, shared fonts, and draft ownership. Moreover, you will have control over activity logs, centralized member management, single sign-on, and remote provisioning. This is the best membership plan for professional designers and companies.…

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What You Need to Know About Reverse Phone Lookup

Different aspects of human life have benefited from the upsurge in technological advancements. As much as these improvements continue to redefine our lives, some developments might have a negative impact on our lives.old phone

When it comes to communication technologies, there has been a rapid increase in cases of fraud, torment, or even murder. Such activities have resulted in serious losses not only to individuals but governments. In response to these social ills, the new idea of locating people through their phone numbers was created. The noteworthy contribution that cab stop tech-related crimes and a perpetrator’s location is known as the reverse phone lookup.

Why Reverse Phone Lookup Technology

Our life today revolves around a series of communications between different people from all manner of locations. In light of this, we are justified to conclude that our existence today relies on how we communicate. Business operations also are anchored on communications, and a lot can be done through chats or calls.

Colossal business transactions have been consummated through phone communication, and this is not going to stop any time soon. Mobile communications are easy, practical, and convenient, but they can be equally dangerous. But due to the absence of real-life interactions, it becomes alot easy for some people to accomplish heinous acts without the other party knowing. This can result in severe losses or even legal battles.

With this in mind, the brains behind the reverse phone lookup technology endeavored to offer the world a solution that will shield from all manner of phone-related crimes. To get the job done, reverse phone number lookup has made things easy especially without limitations from state authorities.

What is a Reverse Phone Number Lookout

woman callingIdeally, a reverse phone number is an online service that finds phone number and details attached to them. It achieves this by allowing the searcher to identify the caller through the numbers they often use. This technology has been proven to be quite useful especially where conventional caller ID apps are ineffective or in cases where additional information is required.

The convenience of phone lookup services sheds some positive light about the future of this technology. Who Called Me reverse phone number lookup has been known to help people identify unknown callers for some time now. In only a matter of seconds, you get to know the name, area code, location, and other crucial personal details you might be looking for.…

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Scheduling Software

Benefits of Scheduling Software

If you want to build your work efficiency, either decrease costs or schedule your resources using one tool. For you to acquire high productivity in your business, take advantage of a scheduling software. In the past days, people used to use different resources to monitor the whole workforce. Some of the responsibilities may involve allocating meetings, daily scheduling, and training rooms.
But recently, businesses are more efficient with the application of various modern software. If you want to replace the use of manual process allocation of your resources in your business, you should consider using Scheduling software API because it’s more convenient to use. It has all the details about your business resources, and the allocation is easy. For you to understand better here are some of the benefits of using scheduling software.

Reduce Conflicts of Availability

Scheduling Software onlineFirst, a scheduling software provides the employees the efficiency to collaborate with regards to their schedules, this assists in reducing scheduling issues among your employees. By doing so, there will be an increase in your employee’s satisfaction, and it will decrease the mistakes in time off requests.

Your employees will only adjust their schedules as required and it will also provide consideration to the requirements of other employees.

To Maintain Everybody on the Same Page

Secondly, replacing a manual form of scheduling to employee scheduling software can positively assist you in maintaining organized resource availability and allocation. Employee scheduling software is simple to use, comes with a clean and clear interface, and allows you to easily see all your resources.
More so, resources will be easily logged on to one system, and you will access their schedule and make changes to the planned schedule according to employee’s availability. And also it will make sure the management and the HR are well informed, and they are all on the same page.

Provides You an Ease of Self Service

Another benefit is that a scheduling software lets your employees view the system by use of their mobile phones. Such a self-service platform gives your employees ease to see their schedule anytime.
Besides, the employees can ask for a work or a shift  record or request for leave with the confidance that their demands will be viewed and met by the required authority. This helps in communication, and it even saves a lot of time in having one on one discussions or conversations about unplanned absences.

Plan Personal Time According to Professional Commitments

Scheduling Software via smart-phone and tabletLastly, having an employee scheduling software assists the management in giving the resources according to the business needs and work priorities. This also assists your employees in having changes and adjustments in their plans to achieve the professional commitments. You will observe that people employed in a flexible working environment are highly motivated and more productive than employees who need to adjust their obligations and time because of a sudden change of their over or under coverage or shifts.…

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