new laptopMost people own a laptop. From college students, avid gamers, to professionals, a laptop serves a variety of uses. Laptops come in different sizes and technology. The size of the laptop is usually one of the most important things to consider when shopping for a laptop.

Typically, laptop sizes range from 12 to 17 inches. 17 Inch laptops, though relatively new, are quickly becoming a fan favorite for programmers yearning for bigger screens. Programmers need bigger screens for coding reasons, web development, and the creation of superior graphics. Travelers, on the other hand, might find 17 Inch laptops being too bulky. Overall, here are some benefits offered by 17 Inch laptops.

Large Screen

Some laptop users often used to network their computers with a bigger monitor when they need a larger screen size. This, however, ca be avoided by buying a 17-inch laptop. Having a widescreen with superior resolution allows for better visibility. Photographers and graphic designers, thus, stand to gain a lot by working on a large screen.

Better Memory

Having a large laptop essentially means that you have more space to add additional hardware. As such, 17-inch laptops are known to have more RAM slots and other built-in ports to expand the storage space. Having more memory, in turn, serves to enhance the overall performance of the laptop.

More Room for Extra Hardware

Any computer user can attest to the fact that there comes a time when you need to accessorize the laptop to enhance its performance. Some accessories that work perfectly with large-sized laptops include cooling fans. High-end gamers, for instance, find the flexibility offered by 17-inch laptops highly appealing.

Better Than Desktops

It is a known fact that laptops are known to offer some extra perks that are not offered by desktops. For instance, having a 17-inch laptop comes in handy by providing a larger screen size and better performance, while at the same time, allows for portability. This essentially means that by buying a 17-inch laptop enables you to enjoy the best of both worlds.wide laptop

A series of considerations should inform the decision to buy a laptop. It starts by identifying what you need and finding a device with the best features. Some essential elements to consider include, the screen resolution, processing speeds, memory size, and operating system, among others.…