Choosing The Best Lighting Cables

The lightening cables you buy with your iPhone are great; however, if you think you can’t find a replaceable, in the case of a problem, you are in for a big shock. Yes, alternatives are trending the market today, and are very much reliable, have the quality that anyone can fall for and durable, they make a wise choice for your money. Therefore, if you need lighting cables that can add a bang to your buck, then you need to understand how to find them.

You need to be keen here; almost all Lighting Cables look alike. To make it worse, with a boom of information from the Internet, you might even not understand which one is genuine. If your dilemma has been Choosing The Best Lighting Cables, worry no more. You can get the best cables at icordination. This post will explain exactly what you need to do, for the purpose of raising your curtains on exactly what you need to do if you need lighting cables.

General information

Know what you want

USB adapterBefore walking into a store to pick a lighting cable you think to be your best choice, you first need to know if it first meets what you are looking for. If you are looking for durability, you can go for the one that has two components. These two components are the Micro USB-Lighting adapter and USB-Mirco cable. Listen, this two in lighting cable is advantageous as it gives the option of USB lighting adapter, hence permitting it to be able to connect with any given Micro USB, hence easing the possibilities of replacing the damaged cables. Thus, it can live a longer time.

MFi-certified lighting cables are an added advantage

Hey, we are not refuting any other type of lighting cable, however, among them, all the MFi certified wins the day. This cable has MFi certified programs for your iPhone and is the newest in the market. Meaning, you will get better and revised functions if you choose this type of cable.

Consider the price

Go for lighting cables that fit your pocket. We do not mean those that are cheaper are fake; the only difference comes from the companies that make these cables. Otherwise, they just serve the same purpose. In fact, you can go for the expensive one, only to realize it can’t live even for a year. Above all, all electronics need care; go for the one you think suits your pocket, and take a good care of it.

Cable length

cable lengthIf you are opting to have a cable that you can travel with it, then choose the one that can fit in a bag, just to enable tangle-free travel. Even though this might depend on the size of your bag, it’s considered that the shorter ones support mobility more as compared to longer ones. Alternatively, if you want a long cable to help you lounge on a bed or even a sofa while charging, then you better think of a longer …

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A Deeper Look into the Features of the Best Gaming Mice

The reason most gamers are now shifting to use of gaming mice is because they have higher sensitivity, come with programmable button and their response time if faster. As such, they’re a better option when one is engaged in more taxing programs, allowing the user to experience quicker reactions as well as comfortable movements. Wired gaming mouse is currently the in-thing as far as gaming is concerned.

Ideally, a gaming mouse does everything to a higher level of accuracy and is more precise, something which allows for better tracking and control. Hence, before purchasing one, a gamer should look into specific features of the gaming mouse in question. Here is a list of features that a user might find useful.


Programmable Buttons

Compared to the standard computer mouse, a high-end gaming mouse is designed with programmable buttons programmable buttonswhich allow for quick access to specific functions and actions. The buttons are properly located and help reduce the number of complex keystrokes required, hence making the gameplay easier.

Gamers should always choose gaming mice that contain a significant number of programmable buttons for purposes of consistency.


Dot per Inch (DPI) refers to the level of sensitivity of a mouse. With a higher DPI, one can shift the mouse with less effort from the hand, making it ideal for fast movements like command screens and shoot-em-ups. On the contrary, low DPI settings are excellent when it comes to close-up shooting or when editing a photo to a super-fine pixel level. Having a DPI switching mouse can beneficial in two ways:

  • The user can immediately switch a mouse’s movement speed i.e. from instant-turning speed to super-precise sniping movements.
  • Allows the user to determine the level of sensitivity and how comfortable they’re using the mouse in given applications and surfaces.

Tracking Technology

Laser mice, compared to their optic powered counterparts, have become popular because of their extreme precision and faster response times. Laser mice work great on rough surfaces so one can either use coarser mouse pad or table for a more consistent and enjoyable gameplay. But for those who still fancy optic sensors, there’re plenty of them in the market available for purchase.

Wired Versus Wireless

While wireless mice were considered useless in the past, newer technologies have made significant improvements making them a preferred choice by most gamers. The wireless option might be prone to interference due to Bluetooth issues and battery, but they perform great just like their wired counterparts.


keybordComfort and flexibility are what should always guide any gamer in choosing a gaming mouse. For left-handed gamers, finding an ambidextrous mouse can be ideal for a more comfortable grip. Also, depending on palm grip, one needs to choose a mouse big or small to suit the particular needs.

And most importantly, purchasing a weight-adjustable mouse can be great in improving flexibility while gaming. That’s why mid to high-end mice are designed with adjustable weights.…

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