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Features Of A Good Digital Website

Is your website giving you the results that you wanted when you first designed it? Are you committed to online investment? Most people do not realize the significance of a good website in their online business endeavors. Such types of people are likely to fail as far as the online business are concerned. This article provides you with some ingredients that your website need to have if it is to become successful.

Simple and professional design

gaming laptopA good website is supposed to have a simple but professional layout. This way, the website can attract all categories of people, both professionals, and common users. Some people think that by making their website complex, they will be able to prove to their users how skillful they are in whatever services they offer. This is a misplaced idea. The complex website will always scare away users.

Make sure that your website is simple and attractive. The color usage needs to be professional; there should be no crashing of colors. Still, on the simplicity of the website, you need to make sure that your website is not congested.


Another critical element of a good website is the speed that it offers to users while navigating through it. How many seconds does one have to wait before the website directs them to the next page? If it takes a lot of time, then that is an indication that there is a problem with the website. A good website needs to be fast so that people do not spend a lot of ti,e in trying to locate the information that they want. Remember that most people are sensitive to time and if they realize that your website is taking a great deal of their time, they will leave and never to come back.

Link building

Links are very critical in determining the ranking of your website by search engines. If your website becomes invisible to search engines, then it will be good for nothing. So to make sure that you can reach your target audience, make sure that you find as many legitimate links as possible and link them to your website.

The goals of the websites

phoneAnother important factor that you need to consider while designing a website is the objective of the website. You need to make sure that your website is clear on the services that you provide. Ensure that your website clearly portrays the particular information that you want your users to get. Being clear about your objectives will always provide a road map to a successful website and online ventures. Check out tulsa web designers for an effective website design that will positively transform your online endeavors.…

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The Controversial single Internet gateway and privacy plan in Thailand


Amid outcry by thousands of users that the single Internet gateway and privacy will violate the rights of individual privacy and free access to information in Thailand, the Ministry of information and communication Technology still defended the project stating that the project is intended to drive a single gateway project towards national security and bring economic benefits to the country. “This controversial plan to impose a single internet gateway to be able to control all websites in the country and filter information will damage and eventually destroy the reputation and accomplishment Thailand has been building for decades.” The head of private websites stated.

The debatelaptop

After a lot of debate within the month of August 2015 on the matter, Thailand military government finally stated that it had scrapped the whole plan of creating a single internet gateway to allow the authorities further monitor the content before any implementation.

This plan to consolidate the ten internet gateways in Thailand into a central point governed by the government to enable it to filter certain content that they consider not to be of public interest received the least support since the government came to power.

The coup

Following the bloodless coup last year, Somkid Jatusripitak, the deputy Prime Minister and a former finance minister stated that the plan had been put to a halt.

The worst fear was that the single gateway plan would destroy competition in the country, and it was a strict measure to stifle free speech. It also raised concern that internet speed would drop, and it would definitely hurt most online businesses and anger the common internet users all over the country.


Some people believe that the government will implement the plan when people forget about it. A project manager of internet dialogue at iLaw, Yingcheep Atchanont stated that the government may be pretending to agree with the public that the plan is not good but later revive it when the demonstrations cool down. However, Somkid was quick to state that the government mean what it says, and the plan will not be implemented without the knowledge of the public. He said this during an economic forum in Bangkok.

Internet Surveillance

socialThere is already heavy internet surveillance in Thailand, and anyone who uses the internet incorrectly can be charged under the computer crimes Act, 2007 that provides sentences for up to 5 years for offences committed against the Kingdom Security.

Activists stated that Thailand has to ensure that the Internet benefits everyone and governing of the internet should not be decided by a few ill-informed official or uninformed civilians.…

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