A garbage disposal is an important piece of equipment in any given home. As food particles disappear down the sink, most homeowners do not think about their garbage disposals. You may forget about getting a new one until yours breaks down and requires replacement. You should determine whether the replacement is required. Some of the signs to look for are frequent clogging, lingering odors, and inefficiency. These tips will be of great help when purchasing garbage disposal for your home.

Type of Garbage Disposal

garbage disposal unitGarbage disposals can be classified into the batch feed and continuous feed. All these types will get the work done but their mechanism of operation is quite different. If you want disposal that is easier to use, then you should consider getting a continuous feed one. For non-messy, efficient operation, you should consider choosing a continuous feed garbage disposal.

Motor Size

The size of the motor determines the capability of the garbage disposal. For instance, the unit with a small motor is efficient for crashing softer foods. If you are a single homeowner, you should consider getting 1/3 HP. For a large family, you should get 1 HP motor. This will provide smooth operation and minimize jams.

Grinding Chamber Capacity

The chambers you find in garbage disposal depend on the HP of the motor. For instance, 1 HP motor can have several chambers. Also, you should consider the blades. It is advisable to choose stainless steel blades as they can last longer, they are easy to clean, do not rust, and are quite efficient.

Additional Features

garbage disposalAs you know, your garbage disposal will generate a lot of noise. However, better quality and durable units have well-insulated grinding chambers. These can greatly reduce the amount of noise generated. You can also find models that provide extra features, such as sound baffles to keep the corrosion protection shields as required.

Another thing you ought to pay attention to when choosing garbage disposal is compatibility with your septic tank. Consider getting disposal with a modern enzyme reservoir, which helps to break down food scraps. You should also note that most homeowner’s insurance plans do not cover garbage disposals.

Read Reviews

Before you purchase a given garbage disposal, you ought to pay attention to what others are saying about the product. Hence, there is a need to read reviews and testimonials from other users.